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I’m a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer / Art Director / Freelance Photographer / 2D Motion Designer.

with more than 18 years of experience both in digital and printing industries, as well as the leadership and organisational skills, knowledge in HTML/CSS/CMS/CRM.

Also i have 5+ years of project management and team leadership.

Furthermore I have successfully launched number of massive campaigns for leaders of the Azerbaijani market. 

My project, eXalcha  represented Azerbaijan at International Biennale in Venice in 2009. 

Novruz Posters for Holcim

Series of Novruz posters for Holcim Lafarge company

#Graphic Design #Retouching #ArtDirection

Rosapar Packaging

Rosapar Package for PARLA

The packaging project for the new line of innovative medicine products from the PARLA Pharmaceuticals

#Graphic Design #Retouching #ArtDirection

Mocuze for Azersun

This is a packaging project for both sunflower oil and butter products called “Mocuze” (Wonder – azerbaijani) developed by me while i worked for MWG (MCCANN Riga).

#Graphic Design #Retouching #ArtDirection

BAR 51 | Summer Terrace

Summer Terrace Opening Campaign poster and Wall Art for Bar 51.

Bar51 is an exclusive place in Baku, offering over 30 different kinds of champagne and the largest selection of drinks along with vintage spirits and wines.

#Graphic Design

Boulevard Hotel | Opening

This concept was prepared for pre-opening campaign of the boulevard hotel, located it the industrial part of the city, also know as the “Black City”. However, after it’s cleaned out and reconstructed, it will be renamed to the “White City”. The main idea is to connect industrial “black” past with “white” future by building more hotels, living areas and amusement parks.

#Graphic Design #Retouching #ArtDirection

Azercell | CIS Roaming

Roaming in Russia and Georgia.

Azercell Telecom is one of the largest telecommunication providers in Azerbaijan. This campaign was focused on promoting improved 4G signal and coverage in these countries. And since the target group were tourists from Azerbaijan, i decided to use more common items such as souvenirs distinctive for each country and combine them with smartphones icon of the signal strength.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

Azercell | Global Roaming Concepts

Azercell Global Roaming Concepts.

Likewise the previous one the campaign promoted roaming services. But the main focus now was at flat roaming rates across different countries all over the world. That’s why i came up with an idea to use objects, representing dynamics or communication but unique for each country, such as bridges or taxi, and combine them to one.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

AZAL | Nowruz Campaign

Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) is a major air carrier and one of the leaders of the aviation community of the CIS countries. Since Nowruz, Azerbaijani/Persian New Year, is widely celebrated in Baku, and well known for the longest holidays in the year people tend to travel at this time of year more.

Furthermore my idea for Nowruz (Azerbaijan/Persian New Year) discount campaign combines elements representing traveling and traditional grass decoration used for the celebration.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching #Animation

Also You can find other projects i have done for Azal here, such as web banners, ui design and branding

McDonald’s + GO Sport Promo

I designed this poster for McDonald’s Azerbaijan and GoSport shop in 2017. The main idea was to show that the fast food company supports healthy lifestyle by providing special discounts and vouchers. Meanwhile i tried to avoid using any of McDonald’s products among with the sport equipment.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

McDonald’s | Chicken + Cola

This concept is designed for a campaign where buying any product containing chicken you could get any soft drink for free.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection

Also You can find other projects i have done for McDonald’s here, such as web banners, ui design and branding

Entree | Opening Campaign

I created these promotional posters series for Entree, bakery chain, new to Azerbaijani market . One of the interesting features of Entree is that most part of their products are baked using recipes from specially invited chefs from France and Italy.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

Caspian Waterfront | Brochure

Caspian Waterfront is a new innovative project of the huge leisure and entertainment centre located in the heart of Baku city, Azerbaijan. The mall will be Azerbaijan’s premier entertainment venue. It uses authentic approach to the whole construction, interiors and leisure areas. This brochure is designed for potential partners and brands. It reveals all the features and benefits of this stunning architectural object. That’s why designing this project i tried to avoid using standard layouts and solutions.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

DDB | Magazine ’01 (2016-17)

When the first Issue of DDB Magazine was released in 2016-2017. It had our most successful projects and works, future plans and list of partners. Beside graphic design and layouts here i also took active part in the whole project management.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

GencOl | Promotion

GencOL Promotional Campaign was focused on idea to make a smart and useful packaging for their SIM Cards in one hand and promote company’s discount range to all new customers.

My Idea was to create a multilayered map with several folding transparent folios, covering the map. Furthermore the idea had solution for placing large number of shops, cafes and cinemas locations on the small map having them separated on the different leaves, as the result the whole package was easy to read and use.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

Azercell | Magazine Template

Ehate Dairemiz – (trans. Coverage Zone) is monthly magazine for Azercell Telecom, which had the main goal to raise an awareness of the company’s new bundles and offers, among its customers. Therefore to develop the design and layouts for this magazine I implemented an idea of flexible design that could be easily adjusted to forthcoming updates and changes, considering taste of range of all target groups and ages.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

Azercell | Zvooq Campaign

Creative Poster for Azercell promotional campaign of ZVOOQ application. The idea which i came up with was to show an equaliser or the sound wave formed from different types of the smartphones, stressing the fact that this app is cross-platform and can be used both on iPhones and Android devices.

#Graphic Design #ArtDirection #Retouching

Also You can find other projects i have done for Azercell here, such as web banners, ui design and branding.

If You have any questions or queries feel free to contact with me via e-mail and follow in social media:

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