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I’m a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer / Art Director / Freelance Photographer / 2D Motion Designer. With more than 15 years of experience both in digital and printing industries, as well as the leadership and organisational skills, knowledge in HTML/CSS/CMS/CRM. Also i have 5+ years of project management and team leadership. Furthermore I have successfully launched number of massive campaigns for leaders of the Azerbaijani market. y project, eXalcha  represented Azerbaijan at International Biennale in Venice in 2009. 

BlockX Explainer Video

An explainer animation for BlockX – the cross-chain ecosystem for Web 3.0.

Payonix Social Media Ads

Short Social Media ads for Payonix LLC.

Payonix Commercial Demo

Short demo animation for Payonix LLC.

Interactive Map of the Second Karabakh War

Interactive map of Nagorno Karabakh, Azerbaijan. October 2020 #Karabakh, #Azerbaijan, #Armenia, #Nagorno-Karabakh, #itiQovan #KarabakhIsAzerbaijan #ArmeniaGoHome

eXalcha – Interactive Carpet Constructor

eXalcha [Khalcha – “Carpet” azerbaijani ] interactive constructor

This project was the first computer game in Azerbaijan Republic made for Carpet Museum. Initially it was developed for touch screen kiosks located in the museum, but after successful presentation on International Museum Day, the project was selected to become a part of Azerbaijan exhibition at Venetian Biennale 2009. 

Music used in demonstration video written by Ali Hasanov

#Graphic Design #Programming #Animation

Frou-Frou Washing Tails

Frou-Frou Fox is an animated character developed for the Flash adventure game, but later the project was abandoned and Frou-Frou became a series of short animations like her other friends: Electro-mushi, Sumof and Kadjira. The Character was developed in 2010.

This demo video shows dynamics and its mouse interactions.

Music used in demonstration video written by Ali Hasanov

#Programming #Animation #ArtDirection #Character

Animated Carpet Weaving Schemes

Series of carpet weaving techniques was created for Carpet Museum website and used for demonstration unique approach of national traditions and difference between local carpet schools. This video combines all techniques in one demo.

#Graphic Design #Animation

Sumof – Flash Game (18+)

Sumof – is one of the characters created for Electro-Mushi Series. The game uses point-and-click technique, with several innovative approaches and algorithms (2008). This game was selected by Yandex for their OnlineGame section although it was later banned due to blood and violence rating.

#Graphic Design #Character #ArtDirection #Illustration #Programming

IcheriSheher – video tour

IcheriSheher – video tour / full video / 2011-2012 

The idea of this project was to take old pictures of historical museum IcheriSheher (ancient inner city of Baku) and bring them to life by converting from two-dimensional pictures to 3D scenes.

Final video plays x1.5 times slower than the original one (by the request of the client)

#Graphic Design #Retouching #Animation #Video Editing

Interactive Route Map for Travel Company

This route map was created for the local azerbaijan travel company Albanavia. It shows routes from Baku/Aktau to different destinations throughout the transfer points which is specific for each of represented airline companies.

The innovative part of this project was – fully scrollable map and draggable user interface. Music used in demonstration video written by Ali Hasanov

#Graphic Design #Retouching #ArtDirection #Animation #Programming

Animated Azerbaijan engraving and miniatures for History Exhibition in Paris

Series of animated engravings was created for Azerbaijan exhibition in Paris. The engravings show life, traditions and culture of medieval Shemakha – one of the local cultural areas.

#Graphic Design #Retouching #ArtDirection #Animation

Pokatushki – Flash Game for

Pokatushki is a flash game developed for -one of the biggest online car catalogues in Russia. The goal of the game is to pass the track full of different obstacles. This version is demo cut and has only one of three scenes,

#Graphic Design #Animation #Programming

Video Map Guide for Real Estate Company in Winnipeg, Canada

Series of short animations were created for Shusterman Team – one of the real estate companies in Winnipeg, Canada. The video samples were integrated in their demonstration vlogs, describing benefits and advantages of living in different parts of Winnipeg, Canada.

#Graphic Design #Animation

Frou-Frou fox kills the demon under the Broken Moon / 2008

Spontaneously made stop-motion video.

The most interesting thing is that this video was created using plasticine and stop-motion technique without any planning and special preparations.

#Stop-Motion #Video #Retouching #ArtDirection

Zbyshek and Katyshek Animation

Zbyshek and Katyshek are celebrating their 4th birthday / 2011 

Zbyshek and Katyshek were designed as the characters for series of short games for Android and iOS devices. This demonstration video shows how this characters can interact with each other

#Animation #Character Design #Programming

Chaser – Flash Game

This is one of first flash games, Chaser, 2003.

Simple coding and improved AI with 16 levels of different difficulty.

Chaser is a tribute to very old game from 80s “Chaser” for PC8020

#Graphic Design #Programming #ArtDirection

PayPoint Kiosk / Demonstration Video

This demonstration video was created to introduce new services all around the country – paypoint kiosk. The goal was to make it as simple as possible, and teach people the easiest and fastest way to pay their bills using kiosks

#Graphic Design #Programming #ArtDirection

Spin Machine v2.01 / 2013 

Spin Machine was the 1st Assignment for Coursera’s Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps.The goal was to show interaction between audio and video assets in a project. I decided to go a little bit further – to get control not only over the speed of the playback but also a direction in which the music plays. At the video you can see the Spin Machine being played at the iPad (iOS 6.1)

Due to the frequent updating browser plugins and processing engine it could be difficult/unable to launch sound. But you can enjoy the interface

#Graphic Design #Retouching #ArtDirection #Programming

Animated Characters

These non-commercial characters were created during new software testing or was meant to be used for Game Development projects

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